2084 SCREENS WITH 1984 in Theaters Nationwide (4/4/2017)

Named a VIMEO STAFF PICK (3/18/16)

Featured on GIZMODO’s IO9 (3/18/16)
2084 works perfectly thanks to the twin powers of simplicity (it was filmed in director Taz Goldstein’s living room) and hilarity (the ‘annoyed computer voice’ has seldom been so well-executed).”

Featured on MAKINGTHEMOVIE.COM (3/1/16)
“Taz Goldstein made a funny and high-quality short film using a green screen in his living room. “

Featured on THE AWESOMER (3/19/16)
“…pokes fun of the trope of the all-knowing, all-seeing evil computers found in sci-fi movies like TRON.”

Featured on WONKETTE (3/19/16)
“…puts the ‘Oh well’ in Orwell”

Featured on FILMINEBANDIM (3/20/16)
Google Translate told us this is in Turkish… but that’s as much as we could figure out.

Featured on GIZMODO AUSTRALIA (3/21/16)
“…you’ve been warned, 2084 will really make you crave doughnuts.”

Featured on GEEKSARESEXY.COM (3/21/16)

Featured on MISS CELLENIA (3/21/16)
“When you try to take away everyone’s free will with the power of fear, you’ll occasionally run into someone who’s not even smart enough to be afraid.”

Featured on THE NEW AGE: BEST OF THE WEB (3/21/16)
“This three-and-a-half-minute clip will not only have you rolling in the aisles, it might make you crave sugary confections too.”

Featured on NEATORAMA (3/21/16)
“Before this is over, you might even feel a little compassion for Big Brother.”

Featured on BUZZWEBSINE.FR (3/21/16)
“You must accordance!” <– Awesome translation of original French posting via Google Translate

Featured on APAR (3/21/16)
“a project in a class by itself…We expect the best to come from Taz Goldstein…”

Featured on DIE ZUKUNFT (3/21/16)
“F#ck yeah!”

Featured on MAKE USE OF (3/21/16)
“Perhaps stupidity is the key, as AI may not be able to cope with that inherently human skill of being as dumb as a box of rocks.”

Featured on GEEK TYRANT (3/26/16)
“It’s cool to see everything they accomplished with so little.”


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